Order a calendar with premature babies to help

The Department of Neonatology of UMBAL Bourgas prepared the traditional calendar with pictures of its premature babies. The calendar is being printed for a third consecutive year for charity purposes. By means of the sale equipment and supplies are purchased for the compartment that saves the lives of premature babies.
The department team appeals to citizens of Burgas, companies, local government officials - by ordering the calendar to help the premature babies grow up. Cultivation is one of the most complex tasks in medicine because it requires excellent apparatus and medical skills.
The calendar for the following year will be mostly with twin pictures. These are children born in UMBAL Burgas and raised in the Department of Neonatology. Today they are large and are proof that with the efforts of science, the faith of the parents and the good of the donors, their lives are possible. The department has modern equipment and new couvies - bought mainly by donors.
The calendar can be ordered at 0883 307211 and e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This year Dr. Tanya Veleva, one of the youngest doctors in the ward, has been busy accepting the requests.